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Teams led by College Leaders Arrive in Sanjiang County for Poverty Alleviation

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News from News Center (Text by Yan Zhibin from Publicity Department of Party Committee, Photos by Yan Zhibin from Publicity Department of Party Committee, Han Xiao from Communist Youth League Committee) “Please show us your local special products available to sell as many as possible,” Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College (LVTC), said to the first secretaries in the village. “LVTC has already established a platform for poverty alleviation through consumption. It is necessary to do everything possible to help villagers to increase their income and to make poor households earn money.” From March 26 to March 27, 2020, Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of LVTC, accompanied by a total of nine persons including Ju Hongxia and Wei Lin, Vice President of LVTC, Ran Fusong, Chief Accountant and other department heads, led the teams to the frontline in an effort to speed up poverty alleviation in Batuan Village, Jupan Village and Tangchao Village in Dudong Town of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.

     After nearly five years of perseverance and hard work, Batuan Village, Yazhai Village, Tangchao Village and Zhiliao Village supported by LVTC have been successfully lifted off poverty and achieved remarkable results. At a crucial period in the fight against poverty, LVTC has held a symposium on poverty alleviation of 2020 and officially launched a “Public Welfare Supermarket” program to help the poor through consumption and industry. LVTC has required all functional departments and secondary schools to shoulder their responsibilities of supporting poverty alleviation, and specially required heads of these supporting departments and schools to fully implement their responsibilities, so as to promote the comprehensive, sustained and accurate implementation of poverty alleviation. During this activity on promotion of poverty alleviation, the working teams listened to reports on the work of the first secretaries, went to the spot to check the implementation of poverty alleviation industry, and visited 32 poor households.

    “Have you found a market for tea? How many migrant workers are there? What are the main difficulties in poverty reduction and alleviation? ”  Liu Zilin and Wei Lin visited Jupan Village to check its siting and planning of a new village, and listened to a report on the work by Yang Nan, first secretary of Jupan Village while visiting households. Jupan Village is a village in deep poverty. In 2015, the village had 317 poor households and a poor population of 1,397 people among its 871 households and 3345 people, with a poverty rate as high as 43.09%. Today, the village still has 39 households and 177 people who have not been lifted out of poverty, with a poverty rate reduced to 5.39%, and it is planned to resolutely lift them out of poverty this year. Liu Zilin made a request of Yang Nan that: “The work plan has given a clear thinking of poverty alleviation. The key task is to ensure all measures are well taken and implemented and produce effective results. If you encounter problems in the work that need to be addressed in a coordinated way, LVTC will fully support you”. “A precision poverty relief assistance plan has been formulated according to the principle of “one household, one volume”. We will check problems, make a list and a schedule, and report the progress of work to the Party organization every half month.” said Yang Nan.

     When talking about how to expand sources of villagers’ income, Liu Zilin said, “We should boost planting and breeding industries that will bring better results in short term, vigorously promote the employment of young and middle-aged surplus labor force, focus on developing pillar industries that leverage local strengths, and increasingly expand the collective economy as actual conditions of the village allow. The key task is to increase production and income. LVTC has issued a call to faculty and staff to “help the poor through consumption”. We will enrich non-staple food of faculty and staff families through the “Public Welfare Supermarket” platform while helping the poor households increase their income.”

     Liu Zilin led the team to visit 10 poor households in Jupan Village, including Ou Guoping and Shi Xiaogai, who have not been lifted out of poverty, to understand in detail their actual difficulties and needs in assisting poverty alleviation, and to encourage the poor households to have confidence in poverty alleviation because difficulties can be addressed. The goal is to leave no one behind in an effort to eradicate poverty and be moderately prosperous.

     On the morning of March 27, Liu Zilin led the team to arrive at a relocation site in Sanjiang County and visited rural households. They come to visit Yang Liu’s Family (two-person family). This family have moved to a new house for almost a year from Jupan Village. The original house in the village was a dilapidated house and has now moved to a new house with two bedrooms and one living room through the relocation policy. The government helped Yang Liu find a job as a company security guard in the county town, and he has a stable income of more than 2,000 yuan per month. His daughter attends school in the county town and enjoys the education subsidy policy every month. This family has basically realized the objective that “rural poor people do not have to worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services and safe housing”.  “I’m so thankful to the support of the Party and the government. My living conditions are much better now than before!” said Yang Liu.

     Three teams are urged to speed up efforts in poverty alleviation simultaneously. They visited poor families, conducted on-the-spot investigation and provided guidance to the poverty alleviation industry. Ju Hongxia led the team to Batuan Village to visit 10 households which had not been lifted out of poverty, thus to understand reasons and corresponding measures. They went to Batuan Village’s oil press workshop and tea processing factory to understand the industrial development and to inspect Batuan’s scenic area planning. Ran fusong led the team to Tangchao Village to visit 10 households which had not been lifted out of poverty. They visited a Dongliang Embroidery Workshop, a tea factory and other bases in Tangchao Village to learn about the current development and operation.



Working Teams Held a Symposium in Dudong Town to Speed Up Efforts in Poverty Alleviation


Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of LVTC, and Wei Lin, Vice President of LVTC, Checked Siting and Planning of a New Village in Jupan Village



Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of LVTC, and Wei Lin, Vice President of LVTC Visited a Poor Household of Ou Guoping


Liu Zilin, Secretary of the Party Committee of LVTC, and Wei Lin, Vice President of LVTC Arrived at a Relocation Site to Visit a Poor Household of Yang Liu


Vice President Ju Hongxia Went to Batuan Village’s Tea Processing Factory to Learn about the Development of the Industry


Ran Fusong, Chief Accountant Led the Team to Visit a Poor Household in Tangchao Village